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N.O.Z.O.M.I., the Meiwa Party, and the Cosmic Church of the Divine Light discussing Project Noah

Project Noah is a scheme for world domination by The Committee of 300 (also known as the Illuminati), funded by The Meiwa Party and the Cosmic Church of the Divine Light, and being carried out by N.O.Z.O.M.I..

The objective of Project Noah is perfecting the “Noah II” artificial gigalomaniac device, so that the Committee of 300 can use mind control to control the entire global population through the process of real-booting and the use of porters to extend the effective range of the “Noah II” device worldwide after it is perfected. This not only would allow them to control all 5 senses of people, but also to control people’s movements and actions remotely.

Part of developing the artificial gigalomaniac device also involves awakening gigalomaniacs by torturing them, and facilities like the Ark Heart Medical Group were used to do this. They also deliberately caused earthquakes to raise GE rates and speed up people’s biorhythms for the same purpose, and the biggest of these earthquakes, the Third Melt, killed thousands of innocent people at its epicenter in downtown Shibuya.

The co-conspirators behind Project Noah also did somewhat more benign-seeming experiments, like brainwashing all the teenage girls in Shibuya into lining up to buy new Gero Froggies every week, but even those experiments had a more sinister intention, namely perfecting the ability to brainwash large numbers of people without them suspecting anything, as part of a plan for world domination.

And of course the New Generation Madness serial killings are also part of Project Noah too, conducted in order to force the Neidhardt version of Takumi Nishijou (as opposed to Shogun) to awaken as a gigalomaniac. The reason for awakening gigalomaniacs is that only after they are awakened can their CODE samples be extracted and fed into Noah II, the artificial gigalomaniac device, to make it stronger. The more gigalomaniacs who are awakened and whose CODE samples are extracted and fed into Noah II, the stronger it gets, and if this can be done with all of the gigalomaniacs in ChäoS;HEAd, Noah II will become strong enough that whoever controls it can achieve world complete domination and rewrite reality to be whatever they want.

This is the aim of Genichi Norose, the CEO of N.O.Z.O.M.I., who personally wants to take over the world, rather than have the Committee of 300 rule it, and rather than let them turn it into a dystopia, his goal is to create a true utopia. However, his methods are so cruel that Takumi, Rimi, and the other gigalomaniacs all see him as a villain to defeat, even if his end goal of a utopia could be considered a noble goal. Additionally, Yuudai Kuramochi, the leader of the Cosmic Church of the Divine Light, and Kouzou Inohana, the leader of The Meiwa Party, go from being co-conspirators with Norose in his plans to deciding he has gone too far, and then Norose kills them.

Norose overlooking the city

Unfortunately for the Committee of 300, their plot in Project Noah was ultimately foiled, mostly due to Genichi Norose’s disloyalty, but they have many other backup plans for trying to take over the world, such as SERN’s Z-Program, Project Mars and Project Atom. Also, once the Committee found out Norose was planning on rebelling against them, they actually secretly supported Takumi, Rimi, and the other young gigalomaniacs, using them as unwitting pawns to get rid of the rebellious Norose, and they revised their plans to account for this accordingly. So the Committee of 300’s purpose in awakening the Neidhardt version of Takumi changed from gathering his CODE sample for Noah II, to getting him strong enough to kill Norose, but their goal of awakening Takumi did not change, so things like the New Gen killings continued.

All of these plans by the Committee of 300 like Project Noah, the Z-Program, Project Mars and Project Atom ultimately have the same goal, creation of a one-world government, also known as a New World Order. Since one of the names the Committee of 300 is known by is The Illuminati, their existence and main goals are not entirely a secret, as there are many conspiracy theories regarding The Illuminati and the New World Order. However, most of those conspiracy theories are disinformation the Committee of 300 purposefully put out to throw people off their trail, through their many operatives in the media, politics, business, the scientific community, religion, and every other prominent field, all over the world.