Rimi Sakihata
Vital statistics
Position Suimei Second Year
Age 17
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 158cm
Weight 46kg

Rimi is Takumi's classmate and friend.


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A few years before meeting Taku, Rimi was held captive by Nozomi. They tortured her in order to get samples for Noah, by way of the special brainwaves that gigalomaniacs emit. The Rimi the story knows isn't the originally personality of Rimi, it was born from a delusion that she created when she was being tortured. She thinks that there has been many of these personalities before, and she just keeps creating new ones to forget the pain. But in the final incarnation, Takumi Nishijou spoke to her and showed her a blue sky, and she desired to see the real thing. Then she was released from Nozomi and began helping Nishijou manipulate and help Taku.  When Takumi Nishijou was walking back to school one day, he saw Rimi at the scene of the third New Gen crime in the proccess of fixing the body to the wall with sharp metal stakes. She called him by his name and told him she'd wanted to see him so very much before he ran away screaming. A few days later, she appeared in Suimei Academy as a student. Although Takumi had no memory of her at all, all of the other students recognized her and accepted that she had always been part of the class. She also claimed to be very close friends with Takumi and Musume, the later agreeing with her story. Naturally, Takumi was extremely frightened of her and called her a demon.


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