Takumi Nishijou
Kanji: 西條 拓巳
Romaji: Nishijou Takumi
Others: Taku (Daisuke and Rimi’s nickname for him), Takkii (Seira’s nickname for him), Neidhardt (online alias)
Gender: Male
Age: 17 (technically 1)
Birthday: June 21
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Occupation: Suimei Academy Second Year Student
Status: Alive
Debut (Manga): Chapter 1
Debut (Anime): Episode 1
Appears in: Visual Novel, Manga, Anime
Japanese Voice: Hiroyuki Yoshino
English Voice: Todd Haberkorn

Takumi Nishijou (西條 拓巳, Nishijou Takumi) is the main protagonist of ChäoS;HEAd. He is a borderline hikikomori who spends most of his time shut up at home, which happens to be a cargo container. He is also a second-year Suimei Academy student and has many delusions, his most common positive delusion being one of Seira Orgel, his favorite anime character, from the show Blood Tune (Burachu).


Taku has long, spiky blueish purple hair and medium-sized, downward-facing hazel eyes. He has a thin, scrawny build with pale skin, most likely the result from spending most of his time indoors. Taku also tires frequently because of his lack of exercise. He is also somewhat disheveled due to not getting enough sleep or caring much about his personal appearance the way his friend Daisuke Misumi does.

Despite this, he is still good-looking enough to get attention from girls throughout the events of ChäoS;HEAd, although the reason most of them are interested in him is because he is a fellow gigalomaniac and a suspect in the New Generation Madness, and has nothing to do with his appearance.


Taku is very shy and timid. He tries to keep his head down at school so no one will notice him. He even goes as far as to figure out how much school he can miss but still manage to graduate, with a minimum attendance chart which dictates that he only has to go to school 2½ times per week, so he can spend the rest of the time gaming and watching anime. Although he has hardly any friends in the real world, he has over 100 friends on the social networking service FrePara, where he is known as Neidhardt der Blitzschnelle, and they include Grim, Geji-nee, and Daru among others.

As a very timid and nervous person, Taku tries to keep to the margins and to stay out of everyone’s attention. Even if someone speaks to him there is no guarantee he will reply; he usually does not talk unless someone else addresses him first. He tells himself that he has no interest in 3D girls or people, but he finds himself “taken in” many times, most notably by Yua Kusunoki and Rimi Sakihata.

He looks down on other people, people who are involved in the “3D world”, and convinces himself that he doesn’t want to associate with them and would rather associate with 2D waifus like Seira and his collection of figurines. Takumi has an obsession with video games and the anime “Blood Tune”, has terribly low self-esteem, and refers to himself as a “disgusting otaku”. Takumi often suffers from “delusions”, imaginary experiences he has that appear realistic, yet do not actually happen.

He admits that he is a shut-in, although he becomes irritated when people call him a hikikomori because he isn’t actually one (actual hikikomori do not leave home or attend work or school at all, whereas Takumi goes to school 2-3 times a week and sometimes goes other places). He also gets mad whenever people misuse words like “moe” or “otaku” in an attempt to relate to him. He has a dysfunctional relationship with his sister Nanami Nishijou, who cares for him a lot, but who he finds annoying and always ends up arguing with.

He has many, some with reason, some groundless, delusions about the world around him. While playing ESO as Neidhardt, he started to cultivate the half-hearted belief that, like in video games, there was someone behind him, controlling him. And because of this he frequently begs for the person to delete his save data and start again with the braver and more worthy character. Most of Taku’s delusions are either unpleasant or fairly erotic.

Seira, however, is his most often occurring (and favorite) delusion. Seira usually appears whenever Taku is on his computer, or in his bedroom in general. When Rimi Sakihata (his apparent best friend) held his newest Seira-tan figurine, Taku stated “Get your hands off my wife!” This may have been out of fear that Rimi might break his beloved figurine, rather than just possessiveness about his property. The Seira-tan figurine that he keeps near his computer most of the time is like an emotional support animal for him, which is why he takes it along to the O-Front incident, for moral support.


Young Takumi

Takumi when he was a child

When he was a child, Takumi’s class had a school trip coming up. He was really excited for it, along with all of the other kids. But then, the night before the trip, his parents told him that he couldn’t go. He became furious, and raged against his parents and cursed the children who could go. He wished that they would all die because they all got to go and he didn’t. He pictured them all dying over, and over, and the next day, while he was drawing a picture of a crashed school bus, the news said that a bus had crashed and a teacher had died. He came to think that it was more than a coincidence, that he had the power to make things happen. 

He frequently feels a “gaze” watching him. When he was younger, he used to think that it was the gaze of God, but he later chided himself for his arrogance. He came up with the phrase “Whose eyes are those eyes?”, and he calls them out whenever he feels the gaze.

At the beginning of ChäoS;HEAd, Taku (as his online alter ego Neidhardt) is having an online chat with his friend Grim, who mentions the New Generation Madness to him, which at the time, is just 2 incidents: The Group Dive incident, an apparent group suicide of 5 students jumping off a building together that people online were nonetheless calling a murder, and The Pregnant Man, a bizarre murder where a man was cut open and a fetus was stuffed inside his belly and then he was sewn shut again.

Taku has no interest in such grotesque things happening in the real world, but then another person who had been lurking in the chat, a stranger with the username Shogun, tells Taku a bunch of confusing and ominous things, including the phrase “Whose eyes are those eyes?” that only Taku should know, and shows Taku a grisly image of a man impaled and held to a wall by a bunch of small cross-shaped stakes. Taku is unsettled by this and goes back to his usual gaming afterwards to calm down.

The next day, when he is coming home from @Cafe, an Internet cafe he likes to game at, where he plays a different character called Liselotte, he witnesses the exact murder scene he saw a picture of the day before, just like in the picture: The Staking, the third New Gen crime. He sees a pink-haired girl there, covered in blood, holding one of the stakes used in the murder, smiling at him and greeting him by his name “Taku”, yet he has never met her before so it is bizarre for this murderous girl, who he nicknames “the demon girl”, to know his name. He runs away screaming, carrying one of the stakes used in the crime back home by mistake.

Yua stalking Takumi

Yua stalking Takumi

The next time Taku goes to school, a strange blonde girl with glasses is following him around like a stalker, and he nicknames her “Girl A”. He also runs into a hostile dark-haired girl at school who frightens him, who he nicknames “Girl B”. After school he goes to @Cafe to game again, and Girl A seems to still be stalking him, and he notices that Room 36, which is next to the Room 37 he always uses, has a computer displaying the New Gen Wiki, and there is a suspicious bag there with 3 Gero Froggies attached to it, green, red, and yellow. After he leaves @Cafe, Girl A is still stalking him. He ends up running away from her but he trips and falls and she catches up with him.

Girl A introduces herself to him as Yua Kusunoki, and while he would rather avoid this stalker, she is very friendly and helpful to him, and he is having a little trouble walking after his fall. Yua walks Taku back to the building he lives on the roof of, and accompanies him back up to the metal container on the roof he lives in and calls his “base”. While she is there, Yua befriends Taku as he finds out they have a shared interest in the anime Blood Tune and its heroine Seira Orgel, and she seems to be impressed by all of his otaku knowledge.

However, Yua found the stake that Taku accidentally brought back from the Staking murder he witnessed. Several days later, Yua and Taku seem to be close friends, perhaps even dating, and are walking home through the park when Taku notices her bag has 3 Gero Froggies on it and is the same one he saw at @Cafe in the room next to his, the room of the person who was researching the New Gen killings. Yua gets flustered and drops her bag when he mentions this, and all sorts of research materials about the New Gen killings and Taku fall out.

Taku is freaked out and tries to run away but Yua grabs him, whips out one of the stakes used in the Staking murder, and points it at him, while sternly lecturing him in a repetitive way. She tells him she found this stake in his base and it is evidence he is the New Gen killer. She also shows him chat logs between him and Shogun, and how the timestamps don’t match up, and tells him the posts by Shogun were made from the same room Taku uses in @Cafe, and how the image Shogun posted from that room in @Cafe predicted the Staking ahead of time. She tells Taku he has Dissociative Identity Disorder, a.k.a. Multiple Personality Disorder, and that he and Shogun are the same person, the New Gen serial killer. Yua admits she was faking being his friend all along, just to gather evidence on him.

Takumi's doctor analyzing him when he was younger

Fumio Takashina analyzing Takumi when he was younger

Taku manages to escape from Yua and get back home, dismissing her as a lunatic wannabe detective, but upset that some of the evidence she has shown him indicates some of his memories are apparently wrong. He goes to the hospital the next day to see his psychiatrist Fumio Takashina to be examined so he can prove that he is sane. Dr. Takashina, who treated him for years, has no recollection of ever having met Taku before, which freaks Taku out. Still, Dr. Takashina is nice and helpful, and they decide to have Taku do a sleep study to find out if he is a sleepwalker, since that might explain Taku posting online as Shogun, if that happens in his sleep. Taku does a sleep study and dreams of his favorite 2D waifu Seira. He is woken up by the nurse Hazuki Shino, who informs him that Dr. Takashina is gone, has him fill out a survey drawn up by N.O.Z.O.M.I., and sends him home, telling him he showed no signs of sleepwalking and seems to be fine.

Something else that happened around this time was Taku’s sister Nanami Nishijou brought him to a store to buy a cell phone since he didn’t have one. While she was helping him pick one out, he wandered out and spotted “Girl B” again, and she was carrying around a giant glowing toy sword, but nobody else seemed to notice her doing this. Nanami picked a cell phone for him and attached a Gero Froggy to it just like the Gero Froggy on her own phone. This was pretty annoying for him but “Girl B” and her sword were pretty interesting.

Taku also continues to follow developments in the New Gen serial killings, mostly due to the influence of his online friend Grim, and finds out on the occult boards of @channel that there is a prophetic band called Phantasm that predicted the Staking murder with the lyrics of one of their songs, Crucifixion Mass. The lead singer of Phantasm, FES, is rumored to have psychic powers. Taku gets his friend Misumi to get them both tickets to a Phantasm concert, held at a club called Gigantes. Once they are at the concert venue, Taku chickens out and is afraid to go in.

Misumi has to drag him in but they do get to see FES perform, and Taku sees FES using something that looks like a giant glowing sword as her microphone stand. He has a frightening hallucination during her performance and runs away after only one song. The next day at school, Misumi tells Taku how he found out FES’s real name is Ayase Kishimoto. Misumi tries hitting on Ayase after spotting her in the hall but she ignores him and walks straight to Taku. Ayase tells Taku he is one of the chosen ones and asks if he has found his sword. After he says no, she tells him he needs to find a DI-Sword to save himself.

Sena confronting Takumi

Sena confronting Takumi

While wandering around downtown Shibuya in the Shibuya Crossing, Taku notices a chain on the ground, which leads him to a streetcar, where he finds “Girl B” with her giant glowing sword. Girl B introduces herself to him as Sena Aoi, and explains to him that it is a DI-Sword and he needs to find his in order to defeat the evil conspiracy that is out to get them. She tells him about all sorts of strange scientific theories such as patented technology for Visual Rebuilding and a conspiracy involving N.O.Z.O.M.I. Most of it sounds like nonsense to him but he looks it up online afterwords and finds out that Visual Rebuilding is a real technology developed at Viktor Chondria University in the 1990s and all her theories seem to match the evidence he finds online.

At home in his base, Taku starts to feel “the gaze” and calls out to whoever is watching him. A female voice answers. He turns around to see the pink-haired demon girl, the one he saw at the Staking murder, covered in blood, holding the murder weapon. He screams for help and bumps his head, but the only one there to help him is the demon girl. Yet she is very pretty, and smiling and acting friendly and calling him “Taku” as if she is his friend, and when he tells her she is a murderer, she acts surprised and offended that he would say such a mean thing. She also acts insulted that he would forget her when they have been friends for so long.

Taku somehow remembers that her name is “Rimi” and she confirms, her name is Rimi Sakihata and she is best friends with him and Daisuke Misumi, the classmate at school who talks to Taku all the time. Taku doesn’t believe any of this, having never met her before, but Rimi has him call Misumi on his cell phone, and Misumi confirms Rimi is correct, and says how the whole reason Taku and Misumi are friends is because Rimi introduced them. Taku is still skeptical and frightened by her, and tells Rimi to go away, and she leaves.

Taku remembers what Ayase and Sena told him about needing to get a DI-Sword, and looks online on the Deluoode search engine for where to get one, because he is scared of Rimi, who he still calls “the demon girl”, and desperate for a way to defend himself. He finds out about a shop that sells them on some random blog. He goes there and buys what they claim is a DI-Sword, although it looks kinda sketchy and is nothing at all like the DI-Swords he saw Sena and Ayase with. The DI-Sword comes with a free bangle, although Taku doesn’t really want it. Taku goes home with the DI-Sword and bangle and his sister Nanami is there. She laughs at him for having a sword, but expresses interest in the bangle. Taku says he is planning on throwing the bangle away but Nanami can have it if she wants. Nanami acts thrilled and puts the bangle on her right wrist, saying how this is the first gift Taku has ever given her and she will always treasure it, before she leaves.

Yua barging into Takumi's room

Yua barging into Takumi’s room

Back at @Cafe again, Taku is playing a game when suddenly Yua barges into the room and confronts him, once again accusing him of being the New Gen murderer and telling him about how he supposedly has Dissociative Identity Disorder. He runs away from her into a park, but then notices a cop there watching him. Yua follows him there and talks to the cop to share her bizarre theories about him being the killer, so he runs away, but people chase him. He keeps running until he is outside the Gigantes club where he saw FES (a.k.a. Ayase) perform, and FES is there again, outside the club. FES tells him he has to run and to give her his hand, and together they run away. She helps him lose the people chasing him and find safety in a tunnel.

In the tunnel, FES/Ayase talks to him about DI-Swords and explains that they are a power that people known as gigalomaniacs possess. Ayase pulls her DI-Sword out of thin air and then conjures up a second Ayase who is dressed differently, out of thin air, with the other Ayase standing on the opposite side of Taku. Taku asks about why the fake DI-Sword he got from the store isn’t like hers or Sena’s and how he can get a real one, and Ayase explains you can’t buy a DI-Sword, but have to get it yourself out of the Dirac Sea. Both Ayases take turns explaining about DI-Swords and gigalomaniacs to Taku until the lecture is complete, and then the delusion of Ayase that the real Ayase projected into Taku’s brain disappears, and Ayase and Taku both leave.

On another evening, Taku is hungry and goes to the convenience store but there is nobody there. He goes outside and the streets are empty too. He goes downtown to the Shibuya Crossing, the busiest pedestrian street crossing in the entire world, but somehow, it is entirely deserted too. Then, he spots an old man in a wheelchair wearing a beanie. The old man comes up to him and introduces himself as Shogun, and tells Taku that he must awaken before it is too late, or else many more people will die. Taku is very frightened, since he considers Shogun to be the mastermind behind the New Gen serial killings and the “demon girl” Rimi, as well as Yua, to be his underlings. Then he finds himself suddenly surrounded by people and can’t see Shogun anymore, and is very disoriented, and Rimi shows up to rescue him. She walks back home with him, and he finds her presence comforting, and he goes from viewing her as a “demon girl” to accepting her as a friend and relying on her for moral support.

Not too long later, his new best friend Rimi has been absent from school for days and he feels all alone. An earthquake hits, the Second Melt, and along with all the figurines falling from the shelf in his base, his computer crashes and he has to reformat the hard drive. He manages to reformat it and reinstall the operating system Grouchosoft Mindorz X Perfect and the game Empire Sweeper Online, and his character data for his level 50 paladin Neidhardt is thankfully still there. He goes to school to see what is going on there.

Ayase on a flowerbed

Ayase on a flowerbed after jumping off Suimei Academy’s roof

At the Suimei Academy, Misumi points out to Taku that Ayase is standing on the roof of the school and looks like she is going to jump. Some of the students start chanting for Ayase to jump off the roof to her death, actually hoping she commits suicide in front of them. Ayase offers a prayer to what she calls “The Great Will” and jumps off the roof. Taku closes his eyes and quickly thinks about what could possibly save her, and thinks that if there were a soft flowerbed on the ground instead of pavement, she would land safely. He opens his eyes to find that Ayase did indeed land on a flowerbed, one that was not there before, but nobody else seems to have noticed that it was not there before, and while Ayase is injured, she is still breathing. She is soon taken away by an ambulance and Taku runs away, alarmed by what happened.

Sena chases after Taku, and in a park, she catches up with him and confronts Taku about how he got the flowerbed to appear out of nowhere to save Ayase’s life. She tells him it shouldn’t have been possible for him to real-boot a delusion into reality without a DI-Sword, and asks him if he has his DI-Sword yet. When he says he doesn’t have it yet, Sena is angered and asks Taku if he works for N.O.Z.O.M.I., threatening him with her DI-Sword, but he has no idea what she is talking about so she lets him go.

Back at home, Taku sets up his email program again and finds an email from his sister Nanami, which is weird because he never gave her his email address. It turns out the email is apparently from Shogun, who says he gave Taku a present, and who claims to be holding Nanami hostage and is threatening to kill her. Taku calls Nanami’s cell phone for reassurance but hears the ringtone coming from somewhere nearby and there is no answer. Taku notices a box in his room that wasn’t there before, that somebody else must have slipped in while he was at school. Inside he finds a severed right hand with Nanami’s cell phone in it, ringing, and around the wrist of the hand is the bangle Nanami took from Taku as a gift, the one that came with his fake DI-Sword from the sketchy store.

Takumi O-Front

Takumi at O-Front

Taku goes to the roof of the O-Front building downtown as instructed by Shogun, desperate to save his sister Nanami’s life, with a Seira figurine in his pocket for good luck. Shogun orders him to walk to the edge of the building, and Taku complies, despite a hallucination of Seira telling Taku not to fall for it. A large crowd is gathered there and watching Taku, chanting “Whose eyes are those eyes?” at him, and several spotlights are aimed at Taku, and he finds his image projected on several jumbotrons around Shibuya Crossing, along with text about how supposedly Taku is an ESPer discovered by the American psychic investigator Yuri Brightman. Shogun tells Taku that he has to find his DI-Sword or else Nanami will die. Taku tries to grasp his DI-Sword, coming close to falling off the ledge, but he can’t reach it without falling off, and his delusion of Seira advises him to give up and go home. Taku gives up and when Shogun challenges him, Taku attacks Shogun, who he only ever heard the voice of, a very distorted voice. All he finds there is a wheelchair and a Darth Spider mask from Spark Wars. He is swarmed by reporters and passes out unconscious.

The next day, Taku wakes up in AH Tokyo General Hospital and finds the nurse Hazuki Shino caring for him. She says how his family all visited, including Nanami, which surprises him because he thought Nanami was dead. He asks if there was anything wrong with Nanami, like maybe with her right hand, since he thought it was chopped off. Hazuki assures him that Nanami was perfectly healthy and all of her limbs were intact. Taku then goes home and looks online where he finds out that everyone thinks he falsely claimed to be an ESPer who would name the New Gen killer but instead he made a fool of himself publicly in front of hundreds of thousands of TV viewers, with multiple TV channels showing his entire humiliating ordeal live and getting record audience numbers. He is so humiliated he does not leave home for days, and the next time he goes to school, everyone is making fun of him and his friend Misumi won’t even talk to him and Rimi has not shown up to school that whole time either.

He hears a voice in his head at school trying to cheer him up, claiming to be “Kozupii”. He dismisses this as a delusion, but after school some thugs try to beat him up, who were apparently paid to do this by a guy in a wheelchair wearing a Darth Spider Mask, and then a little girl who is a recent transfer student to Taku’s class, Kozue Orihara, uses her DI-Sword to defeat the thugs. She introduces herself to Taku afterwards, but he is very confused, since he hears her voice inside his head but she doesn’t say anything with her lips or vocal cords. Kozue (who calls herself “Kozupii”) explains how she isn’t capable of speaking normally because she is very shy, but she can communicate telepathically using her gigalomaniac powers, and tells Taku how she has had telepathic powers her entire life and is unable to ever turn them off.

Kozue tells Taku about how her only friend is Sena Aoi, who is actually very nice. Some of the things Kozue says are frightening, though, like when she talks about how much she wants to kill people, and how she almost killed a homeless guy, Issei Hatano. After awhile Sena shows up and the three of them talk about how they are gigalomaniacs with DI-Swords and there is an evil company called N.O.Z.O.M.I. that must be stopped, while eating Sena’s favorite food, blue “Crunchy-kun” popsicles. Then, a whole lot of other things happen (details of them need to be filled in here by people editing this wiki).

Takumi fighting Norose

Takumi fighting Norose

Eventually, Taku awakens his gigalomaniac powers and uses his DI-Sword to defeat Genichi Norose, the leader of N.O.Z.O.M.I., and destroys the Noah II artificial gigalomaniac device. This saves everyone from Norose’s diabolically evil plan of using the Noah II device to create a perfect utopia where everybody is happy and where the even more evil Committee of 300 will never be able to take power. In retrospect, maybe Taku made a mistake by defeating Norose, but on the other hand, Norose was the leader of a conspiracy that orchestrated the New Generation Madness serial killings, tortured children in order to awaken their gigalomaniac powers, and deliberately caused 3 earthquakes that killed thousands of people, so even if his goal of a perfect utopia was a good one, his methods really were pure evil and he needed to be stopped.

Also, at the moment when Taku awakened his gigalomaniac powers, Shogun died, because, actually Shogun is the real Takumi Nishijou, and Taku is just a delusionary existence Shogun created by real-booting him, and all of the events of Takumi’s childhood that Taku remembers were actually events of Shogun’s childhood since Shogun is the real Takumi Nishijou. After all of these stressful events, Taku needs a break, so apparently he creates an ideal world for himself that is like a gal game at this point, and that happens in ChäoS;HEAd Love Chu☆Chu!, the direct sequel to ChäoS;HEAd NoAH’s True Ending (the “Blue Sky” ending). At the end of ChäoS;HEAd Love Chu☆Chu!, everything returns to normal and Taku loses his gigalomaniac powers, and finally becomes an ordinary human being.

In some of the later games like Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes, Taku plays a minor role, like in Steins;Gate he tries to help look for an IBN 5100 but can’t find one, and then in Robotics;Notes, Taku is one of several people who helps out the heroes near the climax. Taku is also someone that Takuru Miyashiro, the protagonist of ChäoS;Child, admires as a role model, and he is a minor character in the ChäoS;Child visual novel, not appearing in its anime. He also seems to be one of the main characters of the Steins;Gate light novel The Distant Valhalla, as one of the main characters in it is a mysterious person going by the name “Neidhardt der Blitzschnelle”, the same alias Taku uses online.


ChäoS;HEAd Prologue

ChäoS;HEAd Prologue


  • “A gaze falls from the sky.”
  • “Those eyes are always watching me.”
  • “The stare pierces through the thin clouds coated in pitch back.”
  • “It pours down on me like rain.”
  • “Don’t look at me.” (僕を見るな。; Boku o miru na.)

Commonly says:


  • The kanji for the Takumi’s given name, 拓巳, includes 巳 which means “serpent” (specifically referring to the serpent as the 6th sign of the Chinese zodiac), and is pronounced “mi” (although the more common kanji for “serpent” is 蛇, pronounced “hebi”). This name becomes meaningful later on in the story, in the climax, when Takumi’s DI-Sword takes the form of a serpent.
  • The first kanji in Takumi’s given name, 拓巳, is 拓, pronounced “Taku”. The second 2 syllables of the word “otaku”, which is written as オタク, namely タク, are also pronounced “Taku”. Actually, “otaku” originally was written as お宅 and a sarcastic honorific form of “taku”, written as 宅, meaning home, originally referring to someone who never leaves home in an insulting manner. So his name also refers to the fact that he is an otaku. If you combine together the 2 kanji in his first name, 拓 and 巳, then the full meaning of his name is “otaku serpent”.
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